The City

Learn Spanish in Alicante

Alicante, pearl of the Mediterranean, enjoys a wonderful climate year round with splendid beaches that earn the Blue Flag Awards from the EU every year. The Postiguet beach is, believe or not, in the very town centre. The area, inhabited well before the Romans, is of vital importance in the modern economy of Spain, and famous leisure destinations are not far. Therefore Alicante International Airport has excellent links with many European cities.

With 500.000 inhabitants, Alicante offers the advantages of a medium-sized city with a cultural life, a young and dynamic university, and a booming economy with century-old traditions like the San Juan Festivities or the “Moors and Christians” celebrations, a revival of the “Reconquista” battles. The vast majority of people speaks Spanish with no special accent unlike Barcelona where Catalan becomes dominant.

Sampere Alicante

Sampere Alicante

Estudio Sampere Alicante, founded in 2000, is situated in the centre of Alicante, across from the "Teatro Principal". The famous Postiguet Beach is 5 minutes from the school as are the Alicante "Corte Inglés", the Renfe Train Station, the Central Market, etc. Many of the students live within walking distance of the school.

Estudio Sampere is housed on two floors in a newly constructed three-story building. It has seven well-lit air conditioned classrooms, ideal for small groups, a library, a video room, and a common area.

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